Mothers Will Seek Answers On Border Camp Conditions At Senator Ernst’s Des Moines Office

More than 50 mothers and their children will be descending on the Des Moines office of U.S. Senator Joni Ernst this (Tuesday) afternoon, demanding to have their thoughts heard on the conditions reported at detention camps on the U.S. Mexican border. Bridget Fagan-Reidburn of Des Moines has helped organize the event and says that she and the other mothers she knows are appalled by what they say the government is doing to children. “Joni Ernst is a mother and if she can’t see the humanity in the children suffering and dying in the border camps, maybe she will see the humanity in us and our babies,” Fagan-Reidburn says. She adds they want to ask Ernst what she would do for her daughter in this type of situation and what she is doing for these children now. The group will converge on Ernst’s office at 2 p.m. this afternoon and will be sharing their experience on social media using the hashtags #MomsAgainstTheCamps.