Formal Theft Charges Filed Against Carroll Woman Accused Of Check Fraud At Local Bank

Trial information was filed Tuesday in Carroll County District Court against a Carroll woman accused of defrauding a local bank out thousands of dollars. Thirty-seven-year-old Brandy Lynn Venteicher has been formally charged with second-degree theft, a class D felony. According to court records, Venteicher altered and cashed a $2,000 check at the Carroll United Bank of Iowa that was made to appear as if it was written for wages from a company she had never been employed. The bank and the account owners caught the fraud, but United Bank of Iowa still suffered a loss. An arraignment hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, June 14 at the Carroll County Courthouse. Venteicher could face up to five years in prison and a maximum of $7,500 in fines if found guilty of the charge.