Atlantic Building Evacuated Sunday After Partial Collapse

A building in downtown Atlantic was evacuated Sunday night after a huge portion of a brick wall collapsed onto the sidewalk below, causing a section of sidewalk to also collapse. The incident was reported at around 6:50 P-M, according to Atlantic Police Chief Dave Erickson.

Erickson estimated two-to three tons of brick fell from a section of wall about 20-to 30-feet wide and about six-feet tall, near the top of the building. The collapse showered bricks on the sidewalk. No injuries were reported. Three people who live on the second floor of the structure were evacuated. Fifth Street was cordoned-off from traffic as a safety precaution. The cause of the partial collapse had not been determined late Sunday, but Erickson said it could have been anything from old mortar to water getting underneath the bricks causing them to loosen and fall. An engineer will have to assess the damage and evaluate the building.


Thanks to Ric Hanson with KJAN Atlantic