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DNR Asks Iowans Take Steps To Reduce Spread Of Invasive Species

Gov. Kim Reynolds has proclaimed June as Invasive Species Awareness Month in Iowa to help combat the spread of non-native pests that threaten the state’s ecosystems. Invasive species like the emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle, spongy moth, and oriental bittersweet pose significant risks by competing with and destroying native flora and fauna and disrupting habitat. Iowa’s woodlands, wildlands, and waterways attract many tourists and recreational users annually. However, these human activities often facilitate the spread of invasive species, as they can hitch a ride on outdoor gear, shoes, and clothes, traveling great distances in a single day. Residents and visitors can take several steps to help prevent the spread of invasive species. Ensure that plants bought for yards or gardens are not invasive. Identification photos and management techniques for 19 invasive species are available on the Iowa DNR website. Inspect outdoor equipment for spongy moth egg masses when traveling from quarantined areas. Clean boots before and after hiking to avoid spreading seeds. Avoid transporting firewood from outside your county to prevent the spread of pests. For more information on invasive species, follow the links included with this story on our website.


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