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June 6 Is Iowa Heat Awareness Day As Summer Begins

Today (Thursday), June 6, is Iowa’s Heat Awareness Day as Iowans prepare for the beginning of the hottest part of the year. The seasonably warm weather increases the demand for air conditioning, straining the energy systems and heightening the likelihood of random power failures and blackouts. To reduce demand on the energy grid during peak times, energy companies recommend turning off unnecessary lights and appliances, closing blinds and curtains to block heat, and ensuring air ducts and fans are unobstructed for optimal air circulation.  They also advise using heat-producing appliances like dishwashers and ovens at night when it’s cooler and energy demands are less. In the event of a power outage during a heat wave, Iowans must be conscious of the importance of staying hydrated and cool to avoid heat-induced health problems. Keep doors, windows, and curtains closed when possible to maintain a cool indoor environment for as long as possible until power is restored.

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