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Sac City Council Approves Of First Reading For Prohibition Of Leg Traps With In City Limits

The Sac City Council has introduced and approved the first reading regarding prohibiting leg traps in city limits. City Administrator Jamie Lawrence says after an incident in the town sparked some concern from the public, council members agreed that it was time to officially write an ordinance regarding trapping.

Lawrence says the main goal behind this is to ensure animals do not suffer and die in a cruel way. He says the city will allow exceptions, but the members have not officially determined those. 

All requests for exceptions to the leg trap prohibition will be subject to the city council’s approval, which will be based on a thorough review of the situation. The council is scheduled to review the second reading of the ordinance at the next meeting. However, it’s important to note that the ordinance will not be finalized until the third reading, ensuring that all aspects of the legislation are carefully considered and debated.


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