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The Carroll Community School District Had Some Language Dispute From A Concerned Community Member In Regards To The Proposed Tax Levy Notice

During last night’s (Monday’s) meeting, the board of education was addressed by a concerned individual, who protested against the new proposed property tax levy. Former mayor of Carroll Mark Beardmore appeared before the board, claiming that the wording that was used to explain the reasoning for the increases in taxes was misleading to community members.

The Carroll Community School District total levied dollars increased $261,151, which the full reasoning that was explained on the published notice for the public hearing for the tax levy states: “There in an increase in property tax dollars levied due to increases in property valuations and increase in the management fund levy to plan for increases in property and liability insurance premiums.” Beardmore explained the district and the board has control over what is levied.

Nicole McCarville, Director of Business Affairs for the district explained to Beardmore that the board does not have the sole power to set the entire tax levy rate and gives the breakdown of the levy per amounts set by which party.

McCarville says the board can only control around 25% of the levy amount, the rest is determined by the state.

With the only other comment being made was addressing the notice that was received in the mail, the board closed the public hearing. The Carroll Community School District now has the maximum levy dollars set, and can not go over the 11,003,892 total as published. The public hearing for the fiscal year 2025 certified budget is scheduled before the next school board meeting on April 22.



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