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Greene County Looking To Fund Programs To Fight Against Opioid Crisis

The Greene County Opioid Settlement Funds Allocation Committee is now receiving applications for individuals and organizations in Greene County to assist with funding projects regarding Opioid Use Disorders (OUD). Thomas Laehn, Greene County Attorney and a committee member says the funding comes from the settlements from the pharmaceutical companies. At the same time, Greene County was not actively participating in the lawsuit; it was still eligible for a portion of the settlement.

The county has a total of just over $72,000 to be utilized to fight against the opioid crisis. Laehn says more money is expected, which can result in up to $275,000 over the next couple of years. Anyone is allowed to apply to receive a portion of this funding, but it will have to be approved by the committee to ensure appropriate usage of the grant.

The application can be found online and has been included with this story on our website. Those interested in applying need to do so by May 1 to receive the first round of the settlement. Laehn says applicants will provide a summary of the program they are looking to fund, a budget to show how grant funding, and any supplemental funding to the project will be utilized. If considered, an in-person interview may be conducted with the committee.

Again, those interested in receiving funding from the Opioid Settlement Fund must complete an application and send the required documents to the Greene County Opioid Settlement Funds Allocation Committee by May 1. Additional information has been included below.

Application Proccess: https://greenecountyia.municipalone.com/files/documents/OpiodApplicationProcedure1611103834030424AM.pdf

Acceptable Programs: https://greenecountyia.municipalone.com/files/documents/OpioidExhibit11611103914030424AM.pdf

Budget Form: https://greenecountyia.municipalone.com/files/documents/OpioidBudget1611102935030424AM.pdf




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