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Local Counties Benefit From ‘Henry’s Heroes’ Program Through Deb & Jeff Hansen Foundation

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, in collaboration with Iowa Select Farms through their “Henry’s Heroes” program, delivered 500 “Dream Kits” to organizations, including some in the listening area, to aid children facing rehoming due to unsafe family environments. An estimated 7,000 children under the age of six in Iowa, or about one in 34 kids, experienced homelessness in 2019. The Dream Kits are designed to offer solace and a sense of ownership to children in challenging circumstances and include essentials such as a wheeled luggage tote, a large blanket quilt, a plush animal pig, toiletries, medical supplies, and coloring kits. The donation of 500 Dream Kits benefited six organizations across the state, covering crisis centers, shelters, and intervention specialist organizations, all serving at least one county in the region. These kits offer comfort to children in crisis, fostering a sense of familiarity and support during uncertain times. Henry’s Heroes continues to adapt to evolving community needs. This program extends beyond Dream Kits, previously providing STEM carts to local libraries and donating toy boxes to daycare centers.

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