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GTSB/Law Enforcement Remind Fans To Celebrate Super Vowl LVIII Safely

The Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau (GTSB) and law enforcement agencies are partnering to encourage fans to celebrate Super Bowl LVIII safely this week. The statewide initiative emphasizes the responsibility of both hosts and attendees to prevent drunk driving incidents on game day, with the theme, “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.” Statistics reveal a concerning trend, with an average of eight people either killed or seriously injured each week in Iowa over the past five years due to crashes involving impaired drivers. Nationally, approximately 37 people lose their lives daily in accidents related to drunk driving. The GTSB urges individuals to plan for a safe celebration. Whether designating a driver, offering non-alcoholic beverage options, or arranging alternative transportation, the emphasis is on preventing the severe consequences associated with impaired driving. The GTSB collaborates with various organizations to implement strategies and initiatives to reduce road fatalities and injuries in Iowa through federally funded grants. As of Feb. 8, Iowa has already recorded 17 traffic fatalities this calendar year. That figure is 41 percent below last year’s figures and 29.17 percent below the five-year average, and law enforcement is pushing to keep the trends moving in the right direction.

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