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Feenstra Votes In Support Of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas’ Impeachment

An effort to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas failed to garner enough support in the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday (Tuesday), but Iowa District 4 Representative Randy Feenstra was one of the 214 Republicans who supported the measure. The measure, which failed on a 214-216 margin, was brought over allegations that Mayorkas has severely mishandled the nation’s southern border as tens of thousands of foreign nationals enter the country illegally on a monthly basis. Feenstra released a statement following his vote supporting Mayorkas’ impeachment, saying, “I voted to impeach Secretary Mayorkas for his intentional failure to secure our border and protect our families. Under his watch, terrorists, drug traffickers, foreign nationals with dangerous ties to China, and millions of illegal immigrants have broken our laws and crossed our border – with no vetting at all. His dereliction of duty has proven catastrophic not only for communities along the border, but also our rural communities here at home in Iowa. Secretary Mayorkas’ unwillingness to close the border and defeat the drug cartels have left too many families mourning the death of a loved one to fentanyl and the opioid crisis. I have repeatedly called on President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas to enforce the laws on the books and restore order at our border. Those calls have fallen on deaf ears, which has reinforced my decision to impeach Secretary Mayorkas.” Three other Iowa representatives, Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Ashley Hinson, and Zach Nunn, also supported the impeachment effort.

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