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A Grant Opportunity For Schools And Communities For Water-Filling Stations From Delta Dental

Applications are now open for the Rethink Your Drink 2024 program grant funded by Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation. Schools and communities can now apply for this grant to assist with installing a water bottle filling station inside schools, along trails, and in public parks. The deadline to apply for the schools is March 1, while applications for the outdoor water filling stations will be accepted throughout the year. Delta Dental Executive Director Suzanne Heckenlaible says drinking plenty of water in place of sugary sweetened beverages is crucial for healthy smiles and healthy lives, and staying hydrated by having access to drinking water is key to supporting our oral and overall health. Since 2017, Delta Dental has donated more than $2.25 million to 412 schools throughout Iowa, and since 2020, it has installed more than 45 outdoor water-filling stations, impacting more than 427,000 community members.

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