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The Iowa Department Of Public Safety Issued Statement In Regards Of The Sports Wagering Investigation Of Iowa College Athletes

The Iowa Department of Public Safety (IDPS) released a statement today (Wednesday) regarding the sports wagering investigation after being accused of improperly investigating the sports betting of college athletes without obtaining a warrant. IDPS stated that the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and themselves are tasked to monitor sports betting, enforcing Iowa’s gambling laws, according to Iowa Code section 80.25A. IDPS claims the department utilized tools offered to regulate and enforce these laws as established by regulations. Iowa Administrative Rule 491-13.5 states that sportsbooks are required to be able to locate and monitor the location of a player that is betting, and Iowa Code section 99F.7A states that sports wagering licensees are to prohibit all individuals participating in authorized sporting events that allow wagering from gambling themselves. Using the software programs provided to the IDPS and the DCI by these licensees assists with identifying abnormalities that suggest suspicious or criminal activity. The IDPS stated the department discussed with legal counsel before using the tools provided to ensure the correct procedure of the technology’s usage was followed before the decision was made to file charges. The IDPS says they believe the evidence was obtained in a constitutionally permissible manner and that they always strive to uphold the laws and constitutions of the United States and The State of Iowa.

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