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DNR Offers Safety Tips As Iowans Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

As summer unofficially draws to a close this weekend, thousands of Iowans are expected to visit state parks and waterways. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) urges everyone to prioritize safety during outdoor activities. Boaters should plan ahead, avoid peak hours, and park in designated spaces. DNR staff remind operators that alcohol and boating do not mix, as they impair decision-making. The same .08 limit for operating a vehicle under the influence applies to boating. Always have a designated sober operator and ensure life jackets are worn, especially by children under 13. All boats must have wearable life jackets and a throwable flotation device. Remember to obey all posted signage and take steps to prevent the spread of invasive species. Hikers and campers should pack essentials like snacks, water, and hand sanitizer. Staying hydrated is vital with the forecasted heat, and hiking alone should be avoided, with communication plans in place. Proper outdoor attire and planning are essential. Campers should dispose of trash in receptacles, not in campfires. Paddlers are urged to know river conditions before heading out and inform someone of their route and return time. Life jackets are a must, especially for children under 13. Avoid large sandbar crowds and tying tubes together. Stay updated on river conditions and hazards through the Iowa DNR’s interactive paddler’s map. Iowa’s many outdoor opportunities offer plenty of fun, but they must be enjoyed safely. Follow the links included with this story online for more information.







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