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Audubon City Council Considering Multiple Options To Correct A Storm Sewer Drain

The Audubon City Council is considering multiple options to correct a malfunctioning storm sewer drain in town. According to City Administrator Joseph Foran, the drain is located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Chicago Street on the city’s east side. He says the avenue functions more as an alleyway, and traffic has picked up in recent years. Additionally, the uptick in traffic, water is no longer being absorbed into the ground.

Foran says the public works department has some ideas on what to do with the avenue.

The council tabled the discussion so public works could provide more information. The topic is expected to be brought up at future city council meetings. Foran says the project will not need to go out of bid, as everything will be done in-house. Foran notes property owners in the area with any additional questions are encouraged to reach out by calling city hall at 712-563-3269.

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