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CCSD Reconsideration Meets Monday For Review Of Next Questioned Book In CHS Library

The Carroll Community School District (CCSD) board-appointed reconsideration committee meets again Monday to review the second of 10 books named in complaints from stakeholders concerned about their perceived graphic content. The committee convenes at 5 p.m. on Monday in the Carroll Middle School Media Center. The group consists of educators, students, and community members who will review and discuss “Red Hood” by Elana Arnold. Some concerns brought to school officials regarding this book include obscene sexual depictions, violence, and profanity. The committee will review and discuss the suitability of this piece to remain in the high school library and can make one of three recommendations to the school board: leave the book unrestricted, leave the text in the library with some limitations, or remove it from circulation. At their previous meeting, the committee recommended the novel “Sold” by Patricia McCormick remain in the library. The board is expected to vote on that recommendation at their meeting on Monday.

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