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Three Local Farmers Recognized As Conservation Champions By ISA Iowa’s Front Forty Program

Pictured (L-R): Marty Danzer, Ryan Tiefenthaler and Dwight Dial


Three local farmers have been named the 2021 Iowa’s Front Forty conservation champions by the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) for their implementation of environmentally beneficial initiatives at their operations. The program was created to identify producers who utilize and promote innovative conservation practices and inspire others to take action to improve water and soil quality. Marty Danzer and Ryan Tiefenthaler, both of Carroll, and Dwight Dial of Lake City, were the individuals recognized. ISA Research Center for Farming Innovation Director, Roger Wolf, says, “We’re all about improving productivity, profitability and natural resource management for soil and water in Iowa. The Front Forty captures the voices of local champions to advocate what’s been going on across Iowa for soil and water conservation for the purpose of replicating that success in other parts of the state.” From unique cover crop rotations to implementation of experimental conservation practices, Danzer, Tiefenthaler and Dial are leading the way in developing sustainable and profitable ag practices. To learn more about the Iowa’s Front Forty program and the 2021 champions, follow the link included below.



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