Wrestling Results Tuesday, January 14th

Audubon, SW Valley and West Central Valley At AHSTW

Audubon fell in all 3 matches, picking up 4 wins on the night. Luke Mosinski had a win by fall at 220 and at 285. Javyn Bladt was 1-1 at 170 with a win by fall. Kobie Otten was 1-2 at 160 with his win by fall. Complete Audubon results are below.

Audubon Vs AHSTW


Audubon 0




285: Brady Canada (AHST) over (AUDU) (For.) :

106: Double Forfeit

113: Double Forfeit

120: Hayden Fischer (AHST) over (AUDU) (For.)

126: Dayden Moertl (AHST) over (AUDU) (For.)

132: Joel Sampson (AHST) over (AUDU) (For.)

138: Garrison Gettler (AHST) over Keegan Deist (AUDU) (Fall 1:09)

145: Aidan Cano (AHST) over Lane Barber (AUDU) (Fall 1:26)

152: Jaedan Rasmussen (AHST) over (AUDU) (For.)

160: Denver Pauley (AHST) over Kobie Otten (AUDU) (Fall 1:42)

170: Seth Kiesel (AHST) over Javyn Bladt (AUDU) (Fall 1:46)

182: Michael Shiffer (AHST) over Cooper Nielsen (AUDU) (Fall 0:41)

195: Gavyn Fischer (AHST) over (AUDU) (For.)


Audubon Vs SW Valley

SW Valley 48

Audubon 18



285: Anthony Daffer (SWVA) over (AUDU) (For.)

106: Adyson Lundquist (SWVA) over (AUDU) (For.)

113: Double Forfeit

120: Double Forfeit

126: Double Forfeit

132: Marshall Knapp (SWVA) over (AUDU) (For.)

138: Brendan Knapp (SWVA) over Keegan Deist (AUDU) (Fall 1:11)

145: Raymond Harris (SWVA) over Lane Barber (AUDU) (Fall 5:23)

152: Steve Rodriquez (SWVA) over (AUDU) (For.)

160: Kobie Otten (AUDU) over Mathew Johnston (SWVA) (Fall 1:43)

170: Javyn Bladt (AUDU) over Kolton Schutt (SWVA) (Fall 1:34)

182: Kaden Jacobs (SWVA) over Cooper Nielsen (AUDU) (Fall 3:26)

195: Dalton Calkins (SWVA) over (AUDU) (For.)

220: Luke Mosinski (AUDU) over Tallen Myers (SWVA) (Fall 1:33)


Audubon Vs West Central Valley

West Central Valley 59

Audubon 18



106: West Sackett (WCV) over (AUDU) (For.)

113: Wesley Ganoe (WCV) over (AUDU) (For.)

120: Dylan Wells (WCV) over (AUDU) (For.)

126: Justin Garcia (WCV) over (AUDU) (For.)

132: Cael Carl (WCV) over (AUDU) (For.)

138: Weston Pote (WCV) over Keegan Deist (AUDU) (TF 16-0 2:42)

145: Braiden Beane (WCV) over (AUDU) (For.)

152: Blaise Beane (WCV) over (AUDU) (For.)

160: Brayden Miller (WCV) over Kobie Otten (AUDU) (Fall 3:49)

170: Javyn Bladt (AUDU) over (WCV) (For.)

182: Cooper Nielsen (AUDU) over (WCV) (For.)

195: Ayden Phippen (WCV) over (AUDU) (For.)

220: Double Forfeit

285: Luke Mosinski (AUDU) over Camden Steele (WCV) (Fall 1:46)


Manson NW Webster and Emmetsburg At South Central Calhoun

South Central Calhoun dropped two tight matches on Tuesday night falling by 15 to Emmetsburg and 11 to Manson NW Webster. The Titans did have 10 wins with 7 of those by fall and a win by Major Decision. Jordan Khommanyvong at 138 went 2-0 with a win by fall and a major decision of 13-2. Brian King won by fall at 220 and 285 to go 2-0 on the night. Ayden Toms at 120 had two wins by fall. Kevin King was 1-0 at 113 and Blake McAlister went 1-0 with a win by fall at 160. Jaydon Maschke and Michael Goff went 1-1 with Goff winning by fall at 126 and losing at 132 while Maschke picked up a win by fall at 145. Complete Titan results are below.

South Central Calhoun Vs Emmetsburg

Emmetsburg 48

South Central Calhoun 33



220: Brian King (SCC) over Jon Lace II (EMME) (Fall 1:23)

285: Jordan Anderson (EMME) over Waylen Gemberling (SCC) (Fall 0:25)

106: Nic Lowe (EMME) over Justin Rohlfing (SCC) (Fall 1:03)

113: Kevin King (SCC) over Ryerson Boevers (EMME) (Dec 7-2)

120: Ayden Toms (SCC) over Lucas Carter (EMME) (Fall 2:13)

126: Michael Goff (SCC) over Cade Brown (EMME) (Fall 5:55)

132: Sean Brennan (EMME) over (SCC) (For.)

138: Jordan Khommanyvong (SCC) over Ryan Brennan (EMME) (Fall 1:02)

145: Brad Wirtz (EMME) over Jaydon Maschke (SCC) (Fall 3:42)

152: Bret Hoyman (EMME) over Brody Stauter (SCC) (Fall 0:24)

160: Blake McAlister (SCC) over Colton Andersen (EMME) (Fall 5:03)

170: Mason Griffin (EMME) over Hunter Voith (SCC) (Fall 1:40)

182: Esben Enriquez (EMME) over (SCC) (For.)

195: Matthew Wirtz (EMME) over Jayden Soard (SCC) (Fall 4:31)


South Central Calhoun At Manson NW Webster

Manson NW Webster 43

South Central Calhoun 32



106: Ethan Egli (MNW) over Justin Rohlfing (SCC) (Fall 3:25)

113: Kevin King (SCC) over (MNW) (For.)

120: Ayden Toms (SCC) over Nathan Thoma (MNW) (Fall 5:43)

126: Carson Collins (MNW) over Delanie Westcott (SCC) (Fall 0:22)

132: Daniel Thoma (MNW) over Michael Goff (SCC) (MD 9-0)

138: Jordan Khommanyvong (SCC) over Ian Kohnen (MNW) (MD 13-2)

145: Jaydon Housken-Maschke (SCC) over Logan Crouse (MNW) (Fall 1:33)

152: Christopher Krueger (MNW) over Brody Stauter (SCC) (Fall 0:29)

160: Blake McAlister (SCC) over (MNW) (For.)

170: Grant Calmer (MNW) over Hunter Voith (SCC) (Fall 0:56)

182: Brodie Anderson (MNW) over (SCC) (For.)

195: John Schuttler (MNW) over (SCC) (For.)

220: Carson Perterson (MNW) over Jayden Soard (SCC) (Dec 8-3)

285: Brian King (SCC) over Trevor Condon (MNW) (MD 9-1)