Recaps for every Girls Basketball Rewind player

Honorable Mention

Brielle Korleski- South Central Calhoun

The junior had the best season of her career averaging 9.9 points per game while finishing 2nd on the team with 86 rebounds and 3rd in steals with 49. Brielle shot a team high 32.1% from 3 point range. Her stats doesn’t tell her whole story as she became a team leader this season and helped the team to a 15-7 season.


Carmyn Paup- Paton Churdan

Paup came on as her sophomore season went on and becane a vital part of the team on both ends of the floor. She was the point guard on offense while playing on the bottom of their 2-3 zone defense helping her become the 2nd leading rebounder on the team with 130, 109 of those came on the defensive end. Paup also became an effective 3 point shooter hitting 30.3% of her shots from deep. She was 2nd on a 15-9 Rocket team with 85 assists.


Chloe Berns- Paton Churdan

Berns came into her own as a junior and became a threat from the corner and shot a team high 33.9% from the 3 point line. Chloe was 3rd on the team with 90 rebounds and became a vocal leader helping them finish in the top 1/3 of the Rolling Valley Conference.


Tessa Steiml- Paton Churdan

Steiml was another junior for the Rockets that upped her game this season and finished 2nd on the team with 9.5 points per game while leading the team with 50 3 pointers. Steiml was underrated on the defensive end and had a knack for reading passing lanes and led the team with 52 steals.




Catherine Mayhall- Kuemper

The freshman stepped into a tough role as the point guard of a team in the Hawkeye 10 and handled it well.  She finished 2nd on the team in scoring at 8.1 points per game and used a little floater to score over taller players in the paint. Mayhall also pulled down 100 rebounds and dished out a team leading 106 assists. She was 2nd on the team with 60 steals.


Kyndal Hilgenberg- Kuemper

The junior started the season very well in her 1st season as a starter at the varsity level. Hilgenberg used a quick 1st step to find a nice mid-range game on the offensive side and was 3rd on the team in scoring at 7.2 points per game. She had a nice season on defense and was 3rd on the team in steals with 34.


Emily Kerkhoff- IKM-Manning

The senior took the chore of defending the opponent’s top wing or perimeter scorer every game and dove into it with an aggressiveness that is rare to see. That affected her scoring early in the season but by the end of the year she became a vital part of the Wolves offense and had to be defended outside the arc. Kerkhoff topped the team in assists with 92 and was 2nd on the team with 65. She is not able to attend due to a volleyball tournament.


Bianca Cadwell- IKM-Manning

The sophomore became an important part of the Wolves inside game and by season’s end was their 2nd best scorer inside averaging 8.5 points per game. She also became a force on the boards and was 2nd on the team with 123 with 59 of those on the offensive end. Cadwell was solid on defense and finished with 51 steals, 3rd on the team. The Wolves finished the season at 15-7.



Kayla Kraft- East Sac

The senior came on strong after the Christmas break and helped the Raiders finish the season playing good basketball. He ended the season 3rd on the team in scoring at 8.4 points per game and led the team in field goal percentage at 44.9%. Kraft ended the season with 111 rebounds which was 4th on the team.


Meredith Brown- East Sac

Her role wasn’t to score but it was to rebound and defend and she did both of those well. Brown pulled down a team leading 163 rebounds with 116 of those coming on the defensive end. She did a nice job not forcing things on the offensive end and had the fewest turnovers of any of the regular players.


Josie Bontrager- East Sac

The senior had her best season and helped the Raider finish 9-13 playing mainly 6 girls. She hit a team high 42 three point shots and led the team from 3 point range at 33.9%. Bontrager was just short of 10 points per game at 9.9 which was 2nd on the team. She led the team hitting 81.8% from the free throw line.


Brynn Bass- Coon Rapids Bayard

Bass came off a solid freshman season and continued to show good growth as a sophomore. She finished 2nd on the team in scoring at 8.8 points per game just .01 points from leading the team. She led the team in assists with 50 and steals with 46 while pulling down 98 rebounds. Bass came on strong the 2nd half of the season helping the Crusaders continue to move the program forward.


Alaya Betts- Coon Rapids Bayard

The junior paced the Crusaders at 8.9 points per game doing her damage in the paint.  She continues to work hard on her footwork and is poised to have a big senior season.  She was 2nd on the team with 157 rebounds with 102 of them on the defense side. Betts led the team from the field with a 34.9% clip.


Ashley Onken- Carroll

Onken was a great leader as the only senior on the team and finished her career playing her best basketball at the end of the season.  She led the team with 136 rebounds. Her 7.5 points per game were 5th best on the team but less than a point per game from being 3rd as the Tigers had a balanced attack.


Gabi Hammer- Carroll

The junior was outstanding at the front of the Tigers press and got her hands on a ton of passes which turned into steals for her teammates and led to easy buckets. She was very good at finding teammates with the pass that led to the assist. Gabi averaged 7.7 points per game and was a big part of the team’s success helping them finish the season at 12-10.


Leah Subbert- Audubon

The senior went out in style with a good senior season averaging 9.6 points per game and filling her role very well. She was asked to spot up and knock down open 3’s and hit a team leading 34.7% and was 2nd on the team with 35 made 3’s. She was very good again at the free throw line hitting 77.5% to lead the team. Subbert finished 2nd on the team with 42 assists.


Leslie Luft-Ar-We-Va

The Rockets struggled the last part of the season after Luft went down with an injury as they lost their point guard and the girl that helped to set the tempo on both ends of the floor. Her energy never slows down while she was on the floor, helping her average 11.2 points per game which was 2nd on the team. She had to be the main ball handler and did a nice job prior to her injury.


3rd Team

Kennedy Lein- Carroll

Lein came on strong as a junior and was a leader for the Tigers on both ends of the floor. She goes all out while she is on the floor. Opposing teams didn’t get many break away layups when she was on the floor because she always hustled back to pressure the shooter and often times forced misses or turnovers. Lein was 2nd on the team with 9.6 points per game and was 2nd in assists with 62.


Laura Sweeney- Carroll

The junior handled the point guard position well and early in the season was focused on getting everyone involved. As the season went on her scoring was needed and she showed the ability to score more and finished 3rd on the team at 8.4 points per game. Sweeney was 2nd on the team in made 3’s with 33 while leading the team in assists with 66.


Maty Quirk- East Sac

The junior does everything well and it shows as she led the Raiders in scoring at 14.3 points per game, was 2nd in assists with 49 and 1st in steals with 85 while also pulling down 123 rebounds which was 3rd. Quirk plays with a lot of energy and is often times involved with every play on both ends of the floor. He hit 37.3% from the floor and had nearly twice as many made field goals as anyone on the team.


Jadeyn Smith- Ar-We-Va

The junior paced the Rockets in points, 14.4 per game, rebounds 208 (150 defensive), steals 54 and block shots at 16. She finished 2nd on the team in made 3 point baskets and shot a team high 35% from the field. Smith has a really strong mid-range jump shot and uses that to set up a nice dribble drive and is strong enough to score inside. She was the focal point of opposing defenses after the injury to Luft and continued to play well night in and night out.


Gretchen Wallace- Glidden Ralston

The junior led the Wildcats in scoring this season at 14.9 points per game while hitting a team high 46.4% from the field. Wallace has the ability to score inside but also can step out and hit the 3 and loves shooting from the corner. Her 38.8% and 33 made 3’s led the team in both categories. Gretchen was 2nd on the team in rebounding with 142, assists with 35 and steals with 42 while leading the team with 46 blocks. She will be the focal point next season.


2nd Team

Hannah Whitver- Glidden Ralston

Whitver played her senior season with an injured knee and still had an outstanding season leading them to a 10-13 record but had them playing very well the last month of the season. She was 2nd on the team at 12.7 points per game while pulling down a team high 193 rebounds (122 on defense), 77 assists and 70 steals. Whitver was 2nd on the team with a 41.9% field goal percentage.


Riley Batta- South Central Calhoun

The freshman started the season focused on defense and finished the season as a team leader on both sides of the floor. Batta averaged a team high 12.8 points per game while shooting 45.5% from the floor. She led the team with 119 rebounds and 56 steals while being 3rd in assists with 49. Batta was a very good on ball defender.


Mallory Badding- Kuemper

She entered her senior season as the only player with extensive varsity experience and was the focal point of opposing defenses. She still knocked down a team high 47.2% from the field and 42.7% from 3 point range while scoring a team high 13.4 points per game. Badding has great quickness and speed and used that to get open looks and have a team high 61 steals. Mallory led the Knights with 136 rebounds and was 2nd on the team with 34 assists. She did a great job jumping passing lanes along with locking down opponents in one on one situations.


Emma McKinney- South Central Calhoun

McKinney wrapped up a tremendous career and will go down as one of the Titans top all-around players. She averaged 10.8 points per game while finishing 2nd on the team with 53 assists and 50 steals. She was 3rd in rebounds with 83 and led the team with 27 block shots. Her numbers don’t really tell the story of what she meant to this team helping them finish at 15-7.


Jaci Christensen- Audubon

The sophomore had a tremendous season and played with an unending amount of energy inside. She pulled down a team high 204 rebounds with 121 on defense and 83 on the offensive end. She had a great ability to put herself in the right spot for offensive rebounds which helped her average 12.5 points per game and hit 47.7% from the field. Christensen does a nice job defending inside and was able to come away with 42 steals which was 2nd on the team. She hit 76.5% from the free throw line as well.


1st Team

Ella Collison- Carroll

Defenses focused on the junior after a great start to her season and she was still able to score a team high 11.7 points per game and hit a team high 46% from the field. Collison was 2nd on the team with 109 rebounds while leading the team with 51 steals. Though she is undersized she uses her quickness and strength to handle much taller players in the lane. Ella was 3rd on the team with 53 assists.



Aleah Hermansen- Audubon

The sophomore came off a great freshman season and didn’t disappoint as teams focused on trying to contain her strengths. She was still able to put together another outstanding season with a team high 14.7 points per game, 155 rebounds (2nd on the team) and a team leading 62 assists and 64 steals. Hermansen had 126 of her rebounds on the defensive side. She is very strong on the dribble drive and often gets all the way to the rim but also can step outside and hit the 3 knocking down a team high 36-3’s this season. Her 30.8% from behind the arc which is 2nd on the team. She also shot 75% from the free throw line.


Alexa Ahrenholtz- IKM-Manning

The junior is one of the best defensive players in years and uses a great 1st step and overall quickness to jump passes anywhere on the floor. She finished with a team high 105 steals with many of those leading to easy baskets for herself or for her teammates. Ahrenholtz isn’t just an outstanding defensive player she can step out and hit the 3 and was 2nd on the team in made 3’s this season. Her 13 point per game was 2nd on the team and her 121 rebounds were also 2nd. She was 2nd in assists with 68. Ahrenholtz hit 41.8% from the field.


Lexi Branning- IKM-Manning

Branning came into her own as a senior and became one of the top players in the local area. Her strength and aggressive style inside helped her lead the team with 15.8 points per game along with a team high 175 rebounds and 98 of those on the offensive end. Branning is nearly unstoppable in the lane.  She shot 53.9% from the field. Her 55 assists were 3rd on the team and she led the team with 16 block shots.





1st Team and Player of the Year

Danielle Hoyle- Paton Churdan

Team’s game plan was to keep her from getting the ball inside and to try and get her in foul trouble. They did okay at times with the first part of that plan but not enough to keep her from dominating on both sides of the floor. Hoyle hit 62.4% from the field and averaged 18.3 points per game. She made 179 shots this season. She is so athletic and strong inside which also allows her to shoot the ball from the midrange. Danielle pulled down 270 rebounds (193 on defense) to go with 105 block shots and 30 steals which was 3rd on the team. Hoyle helps the teams beat the press and is a coach on the floor. She did all her damage this season while picking up only 34 fouls which allowed her to stay on the floor.


Coach of the Year

Gene Rasmussen- IKM-Manning

The Wolves went 17-6 on the season and finished 3rd in a tough conference. They were in the hunt for 2nd place until the final night of the conference schedule. Coach Rasmussen garnered his 400th career win at the beginning of the season and sits at 416-95 after 21 years as a head coach. Rasmussen helped his team grow after the break winning 8 straight games to get themselves into the hunt. His team led the Western Iowa Conference in scoring margin winning by an average of 19.7 points per game. They had a conference best 364 steals and 353 assists.