State Track Results – Saturday, May 18th


Class 1A Boys Sprint Medley At 8:45

IKM-Manning – Stephen Grimm, Amos Rasmussen, Raine Meneough, Alex Lingle

Section 1 Lane 7

Time: DQ

Place Overall: DQ

Stephen Grimm hands the baton to Amos Rasmussen on the first exchange for IKM-Manning.


Class 2A Boys Sprint Medley At 8:54

South Central Calhoun – Mason Merkley, Josh Henkenius, Jared Birks, Chase McAlister

Section 3 Lane 1

Time: 1:37.09

Place in Section: 8th

Place Overall: 12th

Chase McAlister begins the final leg after taking the baton from Jared Birks


Girls 1A 800 Meter Run Finals At 9:30

Hannah Thygesen – Audubon

Section 2 Number 9

Time: 2:25. 72

Place in Section: 8th

Place Overall: 8th

Audubon’s Hannah Thygesen competes in the 1A 800 Meter Final


Class 1A Boys 800 Meter Finals At 10:10

Parker Behrens – IKM-Manning

Section 2 Number 12

Time: 2:02.10

Place in Section: 9th

Place Overall: 10th

Parker Behrens of IKM-Manning takes 10th in the 2A 800 Meter Finals


Class 2A Boys 800 Meter Finals At 10:20

Chase McAlisterSouth Central Calhoun

Section 2 Number 4

Time: 1:55.67

Place in Section: 1st

Place Overall: 1st

The face of a champion – Chase McAlister wins the 2A 800 Meter race.


Spencer MoonSouth Central Calhoun

Section 2 Number 3

Time: 1:57.22

Place in Section: 2nd

Place Overall: 2nd

South Central Calhoun’s Spencer Moon (left) and Chase McAlister (right) recall the 2A 800 Meter race where they finished 2nd and 1st respectively.


Class 1A Girls Shuttle Hurdle Finals At 10:50

Glidden Ralston – Emma Hannasch, Jenna Klocke, Alicen Dreesen, Tianna Janssen

Time: 1:21.37

Place in Section: 4th

Place Overall: 22nd

Glidden-Ralston Shuttle Hurdle team (from left to right): Jenna Klocke, Alicen Dreesen, Emma Hannasch, and Tianna Janssen


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Class 2A Boys Shuttle Hurdle Finals At 11:30

South Central Calhoun – Mason Merkley, Cole Corey, Ayden Toms, Josh Van Hulzen

Section 1 Lanes 3-4

Time: 1:02.92

Place: 6th

South Central Calhoun shuttle hurdle relay teammates Mason Merkley, Cole Corey, Ayden Toms, and Josh Van Hulzen gather following the 2A Finals.

Class 2A Boys 110 Hurdle Finals At 12:35

Josh Van Hulzen – South Central Calhoun

Lane 5

Time: 15.14

Place: 3rd

SCC’s Josh Van Hulzen (left) races Avery Martensen from Monticello in the 2A 110 high hurdle finals.


Class 2A Girls 200 Meter Finals At 1:05

Jade Ridgely – South Central Calhoun

Lane 8

Time: 26.97

Place: 6th


Class 1A Boys 1600 Meters At 1:30

Quentin DreyerIKM-Manning

Section 1 Number 16

Time: 4:49.60

Place Overall: 21st

IKM-Manning’s Quentin Dreyer finished 21st in the 1A 1600 meter run.


Class 2A Boys 1600 Meter Run Final At 1:40

Spencer MoonSouth Central Calhoun

Section 1 Number 7

Time: 4:26.82

Place Overall: 4th

Spencer Moon (right) from South Central Calhoun shakes hands with Kuemper Catholic’s Michael Pottebaum following the 2A 1600 meter race.


Michael PottebaumKuemper

Section 1 Number 12

Time: 4:43.30

Place Overall: 19th


Class 1A Boys 4×400 Finals At 3:20

IKM-Manning – Stephen Grimm, Adam Gruhn, Parker Behrens, Alex Lingle  

Lane 8

Time: 3:32.69

Place: 8th

IKM-Manning’s Parker Behrens hands the baton off to Alex Lingle for the final leg of the 4×400. IKM-Manning finished 8th.


South Central Calhoun boys finished 3rd in the 2A team standings.


Today’s radio updates are posted here.



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