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Iowa Ranks High In Best Places To Live

A lot of people complain about where they live, but a recent study reveals that you may really have it better than you think. In order to rank states, people’s preferences for safety, education, weather, entertainment and

Grassley Puts Out Alert On Farm Bill Reopening

Yesterday (Thursday), United States Senator, Chuck Grassley, presented his positioning on the 2014 federal farm policy and the reopening of the farm bill on the floor of Congress. He said creation of that bill was a long,

Region XII Announces Award For Housing Assistance

Region XII Council of Governments received confirmation yesterday (Wednesday) that they will be receiving over $243,000 from the Iowa Finance Authority for their subsidiary, the COG Housing, Inc. Trust Fund. COG Housing, which services Carroll, Audubon, Crawford,

Grassley Says Bird Flu Is Still A Concern

Although it has been looking a lot like winter in the area recently, technically, it is still fall and chicken and turkey producers throughout the state still have concerns about the possibility of another outbreak of avian