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Grassley Discusses GMO Labeling

Senator Chuck Grassley said in a recent interview that he was not against GMO labeling on food products, as long as it is done in a responsible manner and standardized. He said the labeling issue needs to

Interview with CCSD board candidate Julie Gore

On Tuesday voters will cast their ballots for three candidates to join the Carroll Community School Board. Candidate Julie Gore says looking towards the future she would like to bring the board’s focus into the classroom by

Interview with CCSD board candidate Gina Badding

Carroll Community School Board Candidate Gina Badding says she’s proud to be a part of a school board election which has provided Carroll with such a good slate of candidates. Like her fellow constituents Badding is very

Interview with CCSD candidate Jon Sampson

With two sons who attend the Carroll Community School District, school board candidate Jon Sampson says he sees what’s going on in their lives and as a parent he knows firsthand about problems which might arise. In

Interview with CCSD candidate Brad Jorgensen

Voters will be casting their ballots on Tuesday, September 8, to elect three people to join the Carroll Community School Board. One of the candidates is Brad Jorgensen who says he’d like to see the district work