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Iowa Sets New Record In Biodiesel Production In 2016

Iowa’s 2016 biodiesel production reached a record-breaking total of 297 million gallons, surpassing 2015’s total of 242 million gallons by 55 million. The 23 percent increase is attributed to support from the federal level, such as the

Missing Grandmother Passes Away After Becoming Lost

On Jan. 6, family members of 84-year-old (Beverly) Joy Annear asked for assistance searching for their missing grandmother and mother, but that search ended Sunday morning after the family called off the search at approximately 8:20 a.m.

Iowa Nice Guy Takes On Corn

Iconic commentator on all things Iowa and Mount Carmel native, Iowa Nice Guy Scott Siepker, takes on the topic of corn in a series of new videos. Siepker has teamed up with the Iowa Corn Promotion Board