Treasurer, Jean Seidl, Reveals Recommendation For Replacement And Stresses She Has NO Health Issues

Carroll County Treasurer, Jean Seidl, announced her resignation publicly at a meeting of the Board of Supervisors last Monday, Jan. 6. She also said that within the letter she tendered, she had made a recommendation as to her replacement. Seidl nor the supervisors elected to make that recommendation official during the meeting, but the details were released today (Monday). In her letter, Seidl outlines the complexities and diversity of tasks and responsibilities of the office and the changes that have taken place since they have adopted the driver’s license duties. Seidl has said she would prefer the board appoint someone from the office who is familiar with their day-to-day operations. She has suggested Tax and Financial Deputy and Administrative Assistant, Lisa Wagner. “Lisa has been a Carroll County Treasurer’s Office employee for over 27 years and has served as my Tax and Financial Deputy for the last five years,” Seidl wrote. “Lisa is very adept and is knowledgeable in all aspects of the office—financial, tax, motor vehicle and driver’s license—and played a key part in the success of the financial software conversion in 2014.” Seidl adds she is familiar with the bonding process, which is a valuable asset for a July 1, 2020 transition. Seidl also wants it to be made clear that her resignation is NOT due to any health issues for her, her husband, children or grandchildren. She told Carroll Broadcasting she is resigning to be able to spend more time with her elderly mother in Colorado. The supervisors have the ability to fill this vacancy by appointment or by special election. County residents have the right to request a special election through the filing of a petition, which must contain signatures equal to at least 10 percent of the votes cast in the county for the office of president or governor in the last general election.