Thirteen Year Old Arrested For Carroll Middle School Vandalism

Carroll Chief of Police, Brad Burke, reports an arrest was made this morning (Wednesday) for damage done at a school building in the 3200 block of North Grant Road. A 13-year-old male Carroll Middle School student has been charged with second-degree criminal mischief, a class C felony. The Carroll Police Department was notified of damage done to a door card reader by a school vendor who was attempting to make a scheduled delivery at approximately 2:55 a.m. Monday, Jan. 6. When officers arrived, they found all the card readers had been broken off and the locks had been sprayed with an epoxy in an attempt to keep anyone from entering the building. One surveillance camera was also reportedly damaged, but others on the building were able to provide footage and aid in the identification of a suspect. Burke says they have not yet received a final estimate of the total amount of damages done over the $2,100 of damage to the readers originally reported. He says with the cost of labor for repairs, this will likely add up to total somewhere just under the $5,000 mark. This case will be remanded to the juvenile court system.