Puck Enterprises Acquires Alabama-Based Hose Connections And Fittings Manufacturer

A Manning-based liquid transfer equipment manufacturer announces the acquisition of a hose connections and fittings company. Puck Enterprises made the announcement Friday that they have wholly acquired the manufacturer, U.S. Coupling and Accessories, Inc. This will provide Puck Enterprises and their subsidiary, BullDog Hose Company, better control on product lines and be of benefit to the customer base by streamlining delivery of premium products. “We had been long-standing customers of U.S. Coupling and our businesses really complement each other,” says President and CEO, Jeremy Puck. “U.S. Coupling doesn’t just bring the best couplings and fittings, they bring time savings, unrivaled machining capabilities and they bring brilliant talent that will allow us all to continue advancing the markets that we both already serve.” U.S. Coupling’s Vice President, Bob Gourlay says this merger is all about opportunities. “Opportunity for U.S. Coupling as a company, for its employees, for its customers and most importantly to Puck, U.S. Coupling brings Puck a technical manufacturing process that they never had before. It is my intention to exploit that process to create synergy for the group that Puck has assembled.” U.S. Coupling’s team and leadership will remain unchanged at their headquarters in Dothan, Ala.