Lake City Officials Seek To Clarify Snow Emergency Ordinance

Lake City officials are considering a change to the community’s snow ordinance that will clarify when residents are required to remove their vehicles from roadways during inclement winter weather. The current ordinance prohibits parking on any public street, alley or city-owned off-street parking area during snow removal. However, Administrator, Eric Wood, says the conditions that result in a snow emergency are not clearly defined in city code.

He adds this often causes confusion for residents who missed the city’s notification that a snow emergency had been declared. Wood is proposing the ordinance be changed to create a blanket policy regarding parking during the winter months.

Wood notes parking on roadways would still be allowed during the winter, but residents would need to keep a closer eye on weather forecasts to avoid being cited. Currently, residents found in violation of the snow ordinance face a small fine. Wood says the city council will likely consider a slight increase to that amount.

The first reading of the updated ordinance is scheduled to be presented at the city council’s next meeting on Monday, Feb. 17. According to Wood, any approved changes would not go into effect until next winter.