ESC Board Approves Four Weeks Of Pay For All Employees

The East Sac County Community School District held their regular Board of Education meeting late last week, maintaining a maximum of 10 people at the high school and providing electronic access for others. They did work to approve routine items, such as their proposed budget for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020/21, the pros and cons of a three room addition at the elementary versus a four room one and whether they should have three or four choir/band instructors in the district following the recent resignation of the high school vocal teacher. They also reviewed a proposal from the Iowa Association of School Boards Resolution for Pandemic Response and Emergency Suspension of Policy. The major point of discussion revolved around pay for employees while classes have been cancelled and buildings shut down. A motion was made for the board to continue with pay for all employees for the next four weeks. This passed unanimously, on a vote of five in favor and zero against. The board will re-evaluate this resolution at the conclusion of that four-week period.