Carroll County Is Back Up To Eight Positive COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus Notices

As of this (Friday) morning, Carroll County Public Health is reporting positive COVID-19 test results for eight individuals. At this time, 379 tests have been administered with 351 returned negative. Twenty-eight test results are still pending and of the eight infections, six have recovered. Public Health Director, Nikki Schwering, says the Memorial Day holiday weekend will look different this year, with parades, ceremonies and gatherings largely cancelled. However, she urges everyone to take some time to visit the graves of fallen soldiers and loved oneS privately, in small groups. She adds you can plan on inviting some friends and family to a backyard barbecue, as long as you do it in a safe manner. She provides some tips on how to do that by encouraging frequent hand washing and having hand sanitizer easily available. While out, don’t touch your face and use a tissue or your elbow to contain coughs or sneezes. Grilled food should be taken directly from the grill and placed on the person’s plate. Avoid buffet-style serving. Households can sit together while maintaining the recommended physical distancing guidelines. The main thing, Schwering add, is to make safety a priority while you are having fun.