U.S. Senators Calling For Bipartisanship In Support Of Bill To Ensure Health Insurance Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions

Eighteen U.S. Senators introduced a bill aimed at protecting pre-existing condition healthcare coverage on Wednesday. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says this is a topic that nearly everyone can agree on. “The Protect Act would provide peace of mind to millions of Americans who have been frightened by scare tactics being pushed in the media by self-interested politicians trying to convince Americans that this is a partisan issue. It’s not,” Grassley says. He adds this is a chance for Democrats to prove they care about the issue beyond its use as a partisan talking point. The Protect Act will amend the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) to guarantee the availability of health insurance coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions, to prohibit discrimination against patients based on health status and prohibit insurance companies from excluding coverage of treatments for a pre-existing condition.