Trial Run For New Air Ambulance Service Will Start Soon At Carroll Airport

Late last June, members of the Carroll Airport Commission approached the Carroll City Council, seeking their monetary assistance with a local match on a $320,000 grant for runway, taxiway and ramp updates for a new air service. City officials have reported that Air Methods Lifeflight, of Greenwood Village, Colo., landed at the Carroll airport late last week for a one-day visit in advance of their formal arrival later this month. The plan is to enter into a two-year trial, seeing if they will get a minimum of 200 flights per year before Air Methods would enter into a long-term, permanent agreement to be housed at the Carroll Airport. Air Methods will be bringing in a four-bedroom modular home to house their team of seven nurses, four pilots, two mechanics and a coordinator who will rotate shifts on site for 24/7 service. As a part of this agreement, the Airport Commission had agreed to provide water and sewer services, but also requested about $60,000 to $75,000 from the city to fix an existing sewer issue. They have also stated they expect to recoup much of this expense as this is a for-profit business. If Air Methods decides to go beyond the two-year trial, they will build their own hangar and move the residence closer to that.