Stewart Memorial Provides Nearly $22 Million in Economic Impact To Lake City Area

According to the latest study by the Iowa Hospital Association, Stewart Memorial Community Hospital in Lake City creates a nearly $22 million impact on the local economy. It is not only the employment of 274 people that generates that economic support, but those employees spend more than $2.5 million at area businesses and contribute over $150,000 in sales taxes. “The importance of hospitals to their communities extends far beyond health care provided,” says CEO, Cindy Carstens. “Hospitals, nursing homes and providers of healthcare have traditionally been an economic mainstay, providing stability and job growth in our communities. The goods and services Stewart Memorial and our employees purchase from other businesses create additional economic value for the community, helping our rural communities thrive and attract new talent and businesses.” The study showed Iowa hospitals employ more than 76,000 people and create another 64,000 jobs outside their sector. They provide $5 billion in salaries and benefits and generate another $2.7 billion through other jobs that depend on hospitals.