Sen. Grassley And Gov. Reynolds Issue Statements Applauding Trump’s RFS Announcement Friday

Pictured: POET Biorefining’s facility near Coon Rapids

U.S. Senator, Chuck Grassley, and Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds, released statements Friday applauding President Trump’s directive to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to restore Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) gallons lost to small refinery waivers. Grassley approved of Trump’s announcement, saying, “The president listened to all points of view and delivered. Small refineries can still apply for waivers while biofuels are able to blend the legally required amount.” He adds the plan will fix the EPA’s exemption process and help farmers and biofuels producers moving forward. Reynolds also applauded the announcement. In her statement, she says, “A robust renewable fuel standard is critical to a healthy ag economy in Iowa and across the nation. We are grateful to President Trump for honoring the federal statute to blend 15 billion gallons of ethanol annually, and allowing existing E10 pumps to deliver E15 fuel, helping drive domestic demand for biofuels. By protecting the RFS, President Trump demonstrated his commitment to rural America and the American farmer.” Lawmakers from ag states have been pressuring the Trump administration for months to end the EPA’s broad approval of exemption waivers and ensure the RFS mandate is fulfilled.