Rain And Snow Continue To Hamper Harvest

Rain and snow across the state suspended harvesting efforts last week, allowing producers only 3.1 days suitable for fieldwork. ”With corn and some soybeans still standing, this is the latest harvest since 2009, and farmers are anxious to finish up,” says Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig. The USDA Iowa Crop Progress and Conditions Report for the week ending Sunday, Dec. 1 shows that 92 percent of corn has been harvested, which is 11 days behind last year and two weeks behind the five-year average. Producers in northeast and south central Iowa have more than 15 percent of their crop left to be harvested while others are reporting 10 percent or less remaining. Moisture content of field corn is at 19 percent. Snowfall amounts across Iowa averaged out at 1.5 inches with Sibley reporting the highest amount at 10.4 inches. Temperatures last week ranged from 61 degrees on the 24th in Knoxville and Oskaloosa, 18 degrees above average, and a low of 18 degrees on the 28th in Mason City, which is the climatological normal for this time of year. The full report can be found at www.nass.usda.gov.