New Iowa Conservative Energy Forum Formed, Leadership Includes Two Local Individuals

Iowa conservatives have formed a non-profit in support of clean energy solutions that will benefit the Iowa economy, improve the environment and strengthen our national security. Local residents of the Iowa Conservative Energy Forum include an activist from Audubon, Kathleen Parris, and Carroll County GOP Central Committee Chair, Craig Williams. Former president of the American and Iowa Soybean Associations and a 2018 candidate for the position of Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Ray Gaesser, will serve as the organization’s chair. He says what they have learned is not really a surprise but is not spoken of often enough, that three out of four conservatives believe we should be pursuing an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy. This would lower dependence on fossil fuels and allow for increases in electric and other forms of renewable energy. “An amazing 93 percent of Iowa conservatives believe farmers and other landowners have the right to lease their land to wind companies, while 85 percent believe we should continue or place more emphasis on solar power and 83 percent say we should continue or place more emphasis on producing wind energy,” Gaesser says. Executive Director of the forum, Jake Ketzner, adds they are committed to educating and engaging everyday Iowans and elected officials in common-sense energy policies that benefit not only our state and nation, but our world today and into the future.