Mothers Refuse To Leave Senator Ernst’s Office Until She Agrees To Phone Call Today

Staffers at U.S. Senator Joni Ernst’s Des Moines office had more than 50 guests for over six hours Tuesday afternoon. The #MomsAgainstCamps and their children remained in the senator’s office for more than three hours after it closed, until Ernst agreed to hold a phone conference today (Wednesday) to discuss the treatment of children and mothers at detention camps on the U.S. Mexico border. “I went to Senator Ernst’s office yesterday with my five month old daughter,” said Elizabeth Blind of Des Moines who helped organize the event. “I would do anything for my daughter if it meant safety and a better future for her. […] How can Ernst allow children to be taken away from their parents and tortured?” Blind and the other mothers in attendance shared stories on social media and with staffers, refusing to leave until they got on the phone and contacted Senator Ernst. Today’s call is scheduled to take place at 3 p.m. at Ernst’s office in the Federal Building in Des Moines.