Many New Things At IKM-Manning This Year, Including Rising Hope Academy

IKM-Manning Community School District Superintendent, Trevor Miller, shares his time in that position with the Exira-Elk Horn-Kimballton District as well, but a change in that school system effective this year will be a benefit for IKM-Manning.

This will now be a 50/50 split, with two days in one district one week and then three in it the next. Just like all other schools in the listening area, IKM-Manning will be starting classes on the first date available, Aug. 23, with a full day of school. Miller says it will be a nice one-day transition to start the year and then come back after a couple day break for the full week. New teachers will be starting this Friday, Aug. 16 and returning staff on Aug. 19. This year brings a smaller number of new instructors than last.

Enrollment at the school has gone up the last few years and Miller attributes this somewhat to a return of younger people to the communities. And whether new or returning, students will notice some work was done at the various buildings over the summer break.

Probably one of the most exciting things for the 2019/20 school year is the introduction of a pilot program with Green Hills Area Education Agency called Rising Hope Academy.

The classroom will be located in Manning and serve up to eight students, not only from the IKM-Manning district, but from surrounding ones as well. Miller says with all the mental health issues and stresses of today, it is great to be able to take part in an initiative that provides support and a conducive learning environment closer to home. Miller says he is truly looking forward to spending more time in the district and in the classrooms and he is excited to work with staff on how to utilize the $25,000 awarded through a Bayer-Monsanto grant in support of their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program. He adds their goals for 2019/20 are to look to improve and innovate for the best interests of the students and give them a variety of opportunities to be future ready and successful after high school. A link to the IKM-Manning website for back-to-school details and important dates can be found below.