Man Arrested Friday In Carroll Faces Charges For Threatening Audubon Man With Rifle

A man arrested last week in Carroll for driving while barred and possession of methamphetamine now faces additional charges in Audubon County District Court. According to court records, 35-year-old Brandon Michael Barringer, who has listed residences in Rockwell City, Carroll and Audubon, is charged with one count of intimidation with a dangerous weapon, a class C felony, and three counts of child endangerment, aggravated misdemeanors. The charges stem from an incident on Friday, Nov. 15 in Audubon. At approximately 5:05 p.m., the Audubon Police Department responded to a 911 call from an adult male claiming Barringer had retrieved a semi-automatic rifle from his vehicle and threatened to kill him. The victim told authorities Barringer had pointed the rifle at him and chased him around the house with it in the presence of three minor children. Barringer was stopped later that evening in Carroll by the Carroll Police Department and was found in possession of a weapon matching the victim’s description. Barringer remains in custody at the Audubon County jail on a $20,000 bond. If found guilty, he faces up to 14 years in prison and $22,500 in fines.