Lake City Officials Move Forward With New Accounting Software That Lays Groundwork For Credit And Debit Card Payments To City

Officials in Lake City have approved a contract with an accounting software provider as part of their efforts to modernize the way residents pay for their utilities, permit fees and more. At their meeting Monday night, the city council voted unanimously to purchase the new program from Lincoln, Neb.-based gWorks, which is used by many communities across the Midwest. The city will pay an upfront cost of $3,500 with a yearly maintenance fee of approximately $400. Administrator, Eric Wood, says the new receipt management system will simplify purchases for residents and staff.

Wood adds that new accounting software might not sound like a big change, but he says this will lay the groundwork for the city to begin accepting debit/credit cards for payments.

According to Wood, residents will have to wait a little while longer for these upgrades. City staff will be getting new computers at the beginning of the next fiscal year, which starts on July 1, and that is when they will begin implementing the new software.

Wood says online payments will become available sometime after that date.