Iowa Senator Grassley Responds To President Trump’s National Address

Senator Chuck Grassley has responded to the Tuesday night Oval Office national address from President Donald Trump. He says the humanitarian crisis on the country’s southern border has been going on for far too long. Not only does he cite the increase in human trafficking numbers, he says many of the migrants are subjected to abuse and starvation on their northward journey and that there are more and more cartels using these groups to bring drugs, weapons and violence to our communities. “In the midst of a drug epidemic in the United States, we’ve seen an influx of drugs coming across the border,” Grassley says. “Customs and Border Protection have apprehended an alarming number of known criminals and gang members who have illegally crossed into our country in recent years. […] The statistics speak for themselves. We have a real humanitarian crises on the Southern border.” Citing a duty to enforce our existing laws and promote national security and legal immigration, Grassley says funding for securing the border should not be a partisan issue. He adds that the president is taking a stance that was previously supported by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, and that the American people deserve an open and functioning government.