Iowa Board Of Pharmacy Urges Caution When Ordering Prescriptions Online

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy is urging Iowans to use caution when ordering prescriptions, especially when filling them online. In a Friday press release, the seven-member board says they are aware of several extensive direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns being utilized to entice Iowans to purchase brand name or generic medications from foreign sources. These online pharmacies are often unlicensed and their products, which are generally priced below market value, carry inherent risks. Potential dangers include: ineffective active ingredients, improper dosages, dangerous side effects and more. Without regulatory oversight, there is no guarantee of the drug’s quality. Many genuine online pharmacies do exist, and the board encourages consumers to use its online license verification to confirm the legitimacy of these companies. A link to that page can be found included with this story on our website.