Internal Campaign Poll Shows Congressman King With Lead In Iowa’s Fourth District Primary Race

Iowa’s 4th Congressional District Congressman, Republican Steve King, has released numbers from a new campaign poll. Conducted by G1 Survey Research, the poll asked approximately 400 likely primary voters who they would be supporting in the 2020 primary and about their reaction to the New York Times article that resulted in King being sanctioned and removed from all committees for reportedly racist and white nationalist comments. According to King’s campaign, the poll shows him holding the support of 59 percent of the voters, with a 44-point lead. The numbers presented also show his challengers, Randy Feenstra, Steve Reeder, Bret Richards and Jeremy Taylor have garnered a combined 23 percent with 17 percent yet undecided. Voters have given the Congressman a 72 percent job approval rating and 74 percent say they agree that King has been misquoted in the mainstream media. King says the poll results mirror what he is seeing in his district. “Republicans in the 4th District are overwhelmingly choosing to stand with me as the only proven and tested conservative in this race. Voters know where I stand, they know I tell them the unflinching truth, and they know my record of effectively advancing our shared Iowa values in Congress,” King says. He adds that Iowa voters are “clearly wise to the Leftist media’s smear tactics” and they know he is a target for his support of President Trump’s America-First agenda. Carroll Broadcasting searched for other data to compare with this internal, campaign poll, but could find no other early surveys. Voters were polled in the G1 survey from Oct. 1 through Oct. 3. There is a stated nearly 4.9 percent margin of error. A copy of the poll can be found by following the link included below.