Glidden Officials Concerned Sump Pump Drainage In City Streets Causing Safety And Infrastructure Issues

The Glidden City Council is taking steps to address an issue with streets in town icing over due to sump pump drainage from residential properties. Officials met earlier this week and discussed potential solutions to the problem. City Clerk, Suzy Danner, says she presented a draft ordinance at Monday’s meeting that would potentially provide a fix.

Many homes in town utilize sump pumps and all of that water collects in the city streets. Danner says the city’s wastewater system just cannot handle such a large influx, especially when temperatures drop below freezing.

The council intends to pass an ordinance that would bar residents from discharging their sump pumps directly into the streets, but that could take more than a month before it becomes official. The city is asking residents to move their lines sooner to prevent any additional damage.

Officials are aware this simple fix will only work for some homeowners and are working out a plan for residents that have buried sump pump drainage lines. The ordinance will appear on the agenda for the next Glidden City Council meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 28 at 5:30 p.m. in the city hall council chambers.