Glidden City Council Approves Final Reading Of Ordinance Banning Continuous Sump Pump Discharge

The Glidden City Council approved the third and final reading of an ordinance banning continuous discharge of sump pumps into city’s streets. The ordinance applies to units that run nearly 24/7 without an obvious cause and includes an exemption for heavy rain events. Property owners have 18 months from the publication date on Thursday, Sept. 12 to remove or correct any direct or indirect discharge lines that do not abide by these regulations. Non-compliance fees go into effect after this period expires and are $25 per month until the issue is corrected. An unusually long cold spell last winter caused a significant amount of ice to build up in several areas of town, and the city council became concerned the slippery conditions posed a threat to public safety and would damage roads. A copy of the ordinance can be found included with this story on our website.


Glidden Sump Pump Ordinance