Former Vice President And Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, Chooses Manning To Reveal Plan For Rural America

Former Vice President to Barack Obama and current 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, told more than 250 people gathered at the Hausbarn Konferenz Centre in Manning this (Tuesday) morning that he had specific reasons for choosing now to run for office, and a three-point plan for rural America. Biden says the first reason he is running is to restore the soul of this country.

The current administration, Biden says, is not promoting that ideal. The second reason he says is to restore the backbone of America.

Part of that problem is the rural/urban divide and that in rebuilding the backbone, it shouldn’t matter whether you live in a skyscraper in Manhattan or in a small town like Manning. Biden says your children deserve the same opportunities, ones that afford them the choice of staying and raise their families where they choose. Biden says rural communities power this country, they feed our bodies, fuel our engines, are the stewards that protect our lands for everyone—they are part of the soul of who we are as a country. He then unveiled his plan for rural portions of the United States and it starts with equality in care.

He says health outcomes should not be determined by our zip code or how much money we make. He is not talking about Medicare for all, but rather says he wants to expand on Obamacare. Biden says that although it is a noble idea, universal healthcare removes private insurance and Medicare reimbursement rates are too low to support rural hospitals, like Manning Regional Healthcare Center. Because when a healthcare provider closes, he adds, jobs are lost and that impacts the rural economy, the second part of his plan. Nearly everything in a rural economy is also tied to ag, and the American farmer, Biden says, is being hurt by the current tariffs.

Biden promises a trade policy that starts at home and focuses on economic investments in green energy, including ethanol and biodiesel, and rural business investments in a green infrastructure. And he says even with all the problems we are facing, he is more optimistic than when he was elected to the senate at 29. “This is the American Dream, there is not a single thing we cannot do when we set our minds to it,” Biden says. And that is why he is refusing to postpone any longer. We will bring you reaction from attendees in upcoming broadcasts. A livestream video of the event can be found on our Facebook page.