Donations For Jefferson Taser Demonstration Close Today With New Location Announced

A fundraising event sponsored by the Jefferson Police Department will be taking place at a new location this Friday afternoon. Captain Heath Enns says that the upcoming Taser demonstration will now be held in front of the Greene County Law Enforcement Center in Jefferson at about 4 p.m., dependent on the winner’s schedule. The “winner” is being determined by how much money is raised from local residents who submit donations naming which of the volunteers they would like to see Tased. The demonstration was originally planned to take place during Friday night’s football game at the Greene County High School, but the district’s insurance company made a request that this not be held on school property for liability reasons. Currently, the top three candidates are Andy McGinn who is leading the fundraising with a total of $337.30. Brian Phillips is in second at $167.25 and Tyler Westhoff has earned $65.45. More than $760 has been raised so far. The donation box is to remain at the Jefferson Hy-Vee until noon today (Thursday).