CCSD Board Of Education Approves Final Reading Of Updated Facility Rental Policy

The Carroll Community School District (CCSD) Board of Education has adopted 10 new or revised board policies, including one outlining fees for rental of the district’s facilities. Nine of the policies dealt with regulations and procedures for the board and passed without comment from the six community members in attendance. Next was the rental policy, and Director of Business affairs, Gary Bengtson, detailed the proposed changes.

The board took questions from individuals who were concerned Kuemper Catholic Schools would be paying more to host high school football games. The current policy sets the rate at $200 per hour with a minimum $500 and maximum of $900 per event. Bengtson explained any changes in rental fees at the new stadium have more to do with increased overhead rather than board policy. He used last Friday’s game as an example.

According to Bengtson, hosting an event can easily exceed $1,000 after electricity, sewer, garbage and other expenses are taken into account. At the old stadium, Kuemper paid $75 per game plus custodial costs, which were significantly lower than for the new facility. Board member, Brad Jorgensen, noted they are not in the business of making money through rentals and pointed out an aspect of the policy that is unique in communities with both a public and private school.

Superintendent, Dr. Casey Berlau, suggested the board could return to the policy and make modifications in the future. As it stands, the driving factor behind the increase is custodial payroll, and Berlau said they are open to ideas that could cut down on that.

With these questions answered, the board voted unanimously to approve the policy’s second and final reading. The board also introduced the first reading of policies regarding abuse of students by employees and voluntary early retirement. Carroll Broadcasting will bring you more on those in upcoming newscasts.