Carroll Residents Who Received Survey Invitation Encouraged To Complete Them Within The Week

You may have received a notification from the City of Carroll, asking you to take part in a survey that will be open for the next week or so. City Manager, Mike Pogge-Weaver, says a similar survey was distributed in 2011, and this is an update to that information. Jack Wardell, Parks and Rec Director, has been instrumental in working on some of the questions that revolve around the Rec Center. The company managing the survey distributed it to about 2,000 residents in a random sampling, just as was done in 2011. Officials are now asking those recipients to make sure they take a few minutes to complete it, either in paper or digital form. If you received a letter and/or email, there is a code included that will allow access to the survey site online. Otherwise, those selected can fill out the paper form and return it in the provided envelope. Anyone with questions can contact the city offices at 792-1000.