Carroll PD Stats Show Safe Drivers Were The Norm Over The Fourth

The Carroll Police Department reports they observed an impressive 98 percent seat belt compliance rate by drivers and passengers prior to the most recent Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau enforcement initiative. Carroll officers joined forces with county and state authorities in the latest Special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP) that ran from July 3 through July 7. The increased presence of officers during the educational event resulted in a total of 29 citations, 39 warnings and one motorist assist within the Carroll city limits. The majority of citations, eight, were for speeding, and the largest number of warnings issued was 19 for equipment violations. Only one citation each for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and open container were distributed. The second highest number of infractions were in the no proof of insurance category, which totaled five citations and four warnings. These enforcement actions take place at various times throughout the year and result in state grant funds being returned to participating agencies for use in their traffic enforcement efforts, including the purchase of new equipment and covering overtime hours resulting from the initiatives. We will bring you the results from other law enforcement departments in upcoming broadcasts.