Carroll Councilman, Clay Haley, Says A Solution To Preserve Main Street Parking And County Jail Entrances Has Been Found

On Sept. 23, the third and final reading of an ordinance to remove four parking spaces on the east side of Main Street failed on a tie vote of the Carroll City Council. The initial plans for the Carroll County jail project and a streetscape plan between the city and county called for the removal of two outside spaces. A traffic study commissioned by the City of Carroll from Bolton & Menk then identified the remaining two as a safety issue. Council members Clay Haley, Carolyn Siemann and Misty Boes stated they had elected to vote no after being contacted by Carroll residents. Haley explained his position.

Following that decision, City Manager, Mike Pogge-Weaver, pointed to a stipulation in the building permit requiring the county to redesign with the spaces remaining. Haley said a meeting was held with county leaders after learning the county’s document did not include a stipulation. Haley has since asked for the ordinance to come back to the council at their next meeting, Monday, Oct. 14. He believes there has been a solution developed.

Even more spaces could be feasible in this plan.

After the fact, some county residents said they believed the city was trying to stop the project. Haley went on record, saying this is not true.

As for the permitting process, it has been reviewed. However, Haley does not believe it will need to be changed. He added they have told the county to keep work progressing. They are not interested in slowing anything down. Recent delays have been to allow for moving of utilities. Haley predicts that even though there may be some pushback, he feels the council can come to agreement on this issue. The item on the agenda will be a return to the third reading. If approved, the ordinance would then go into effect.